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The concept behind EcoTrail® is simple: use the natural trails of urban areas to offer various race distances to runners and help them understand the importance of protecting natural environments. A concerning issue that keeps on increasing.

Therefore, each EcoTrail® implements various initiatives in order to protect the environment, such as:

  • Inciting participants to use sustainable transports, by providing transport tickets, group transport services etc. 
  • Highlighting local and natural heritages, by encouraging the rehabilitation of cultural sites, designing courses in emblematic and historical places etc.
  • Reducing the environmental impact, by reducing and sorting waste, deploying eco-actors to clean the courses, using sustainable products, etc.

  • Providing balanced products at refreshment posts, by using local and seasonal products first and redistributing food excess to local associations, etc.
  • Educating trail runners on eco-responsibility, by raising awareness about sustainable development, providing individual waste disposal bags, signing an ethical charter, using signage that encourages eco-responsibility, etc.