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J'ai envoyé un email mais ne reçois pas de réponse, est-ce normal ?

Nous répondons à l'ensemble des mails reçus à l'adresse Nous vous invitons à consulter vos spams (surtout si vous possédez une adresse gmail ou yahoo) !

Ai-je besoin d'un justificatif médical pour les Marches Nordiques ?

Non, car les Marches Nordiques sont non-classantes mais seulement chronométrées.

Does the cancellation guarantee cover a cancellation due to the health situation?


The purpose of the cancellation guarantee is to allow the reimbursement of the costs incurred (deducted from the amount of the cancellation guarantee and the costs related to the participant engaged by the organization) for the registration to EcoTrail Paris. This guarantee covers, among other things, the cancellation of the event due to force majeure.

Will be described as characterizing a case of force majeure, any administrative authorization (refusal, withdrawal) necessary for the organization of the event, any fire, flood, earthquake, storm, and more any natural disaster, epidemic, pandemic, attack, war or any other usual event considered as force majeure by case law.

How can my friends and family follow me on the course?

All practical information about access to the various refreshment posts is provided in the companion roadbook.

Can my friends and family assist me during the race?

The EcoTrail® Paris is a semi-autonomous race. Assistance is only allowed at refreshment posts.

Where can I retrieve my personal belongings after the race?

Bags can be retrieved near the race arrival area.

Will my personal belongings be taken care of at the start of the race?

Yes. Each runner can leave their personal belongings in their own bag at the race departure area. The bag must hold the sticker provided in the bib envelope.

Can I have my bib sent to me before the race?

Yes. You can chose the “send bib via mail” option when registering online. For the runners who subscribed to "send bib via mail" (only available for the first 2000 runners who have chosen this option) the dossier has to be complete before February 16th 2025. Otherwise, the bib will not be send and refund will be impossible. 

Can I retrieve my bib at the race departure area?


Can I retrieve another person’s bib?

Yes, as long as you can provide the following:
1. Their bib number
2. Their proof of identity (copy or original)

How can I register to training sessions?

Training sessions are provided by our partner XRUN. They are free if you already registered to the EcoTrail Paris and if you did not register.

More informations to come concerning the organisation of those.

I have to cancel my participation to the EcoTrail Paris®. Can I get a refund?

Refunds in case of cancellation are available under certain conditions:

1. Having taken a cancellation insurance upon registration.
2. Sending your cancellation request via e-mail with medical proof of incapacity to participate or a document delivered by a competent authority attesting of the occurring of one of the events allowing a refund (see rules).

Can I register on site or on the day of the race?

On-site registration is not allowed for all events.

Can I give away or sell my bib?

As defined in our regulations, giving away your bib is strictly prohibited.

How can I make sure that I am registered and/or that I entered all my information?

You can check your registration application at any time with the clickable link indicated in the confirmation e-mail you received.