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Eco-responsibility at the core of EcoTrail Paris

There is no more room for carelessness!

EcoTrail Paris knows what needs to be done. On the one hand, let you run up mighty slopes, dive in the mud and race through the trees of the Meudon forest. In other words, let you quench your thirst for trail running in the Ile-de-France region. And on the other hand, commit to protecting the environment to the great appreciation of your environmental awareness. 

How? Here is a list of 9 simple and efficient actions.

1. Because there is no plastic at refreshment points. One point for the planet.

 “0 plastic” has been the moto of organizers for 10 years. They installed water tanks and water ramps to let you fill your gourds and avoid using plastic cups that inevitably end up on the ground, destroying natural environments. Water consumption is also controlled through the installation of dry toilets, among other things.


2. Because food is organic and locally produced. One point for your health.

Yes, you can commit to environmental protection without losing nutritional pleasures. Refreshment points offer organic, healthy and good products, in biodegradable plates obviously. Who said ecology, sports and pleasure could never go hand in hand?


3. Because we banned food waste. One point for good conscience.

This is where the mental shift begins. You can’t keep on consuming more. At refreshment points, before and after the race, don’t try to bite off more than you can chew. Take only what you need and try to eat it all. Leftovers are given to charity, which should only make you proud.


4. Because the grounds you’re running on are rehabilitated. One point for territories.

Action is our priority. Every year, EcoTrail is rehabilitating fragile areas of the French National Forests Office, taking into account the requirements of the Natura 2000 incident apparatus to protect the sensitive areas that runners cross. And with 11,500 athletes giving it all in rather damp conditions, these measures are more than necessary.


5. Because cleaning sites afterwards is mandatory. One point for beautiful landscapes.

Reducing waste production and recycling organic waste is good. But cleaning after the race is even better. After training sessions and competitions, about one hundred eco-actors begin “Operation Clean It All”. A collective action that you are more than welcome to pursue on your own, every day, so that you take it to next level.


6. Because favoring accessibility and mobility is a requirement for us. One point for easy traveling.

One ticket offered, one trip in group. The winning combo to get to the starting area easily and with a low carbon footprint. Public transportation, shuttle or carpool to go to the sites, now that’s a cool way to ride.


7. Because you run with your waste disposal pocket. One point for style.

A small gesture with massive impact if done on the regular. The waste disposal pocket lets you throw all your waste away while you’re running. Of course it’s reusable. Of course it’s the right thing to do.


8. Because we collect abandoned clothes. One point for those who need them.

Forget about ponchos, sweatshirts and tee shirts lying everywhere on the ground. Just like at home, leave your warm clothes in a basket before starting the race. You can even throw them in! In the end, these clothes are given to a humanitarian association. Bingo!


9. Because you signed the charter. One point for your environmental awareness.

The EcoTrail ethical charter? It’s not just words. It’s the promise of concrete results. It’s 10 commitments that all runners and partners pledged to respect. A great way of raising awareness and turning you into an eco-responsible trail runner!